Escribe: A Poem

Look! What a beautiful day it is outside. Sunshine came and shamed the blossoms then came rain to wash away his anger then came the moon to put them all to sleep then came the stars on the washed black sky.   And what did you do? my dear senorita? What did you do senor? … Read more

Mourn for Me

When I die, my love Cry for me, not for me. When my body will be in decay and the early forces would come together To erase my signs My memories upon the world when would start to be gone. cry for me, baby, not for me. Cry, for I will be no more Cry, … Read more


Sometimes, I feel like crawling out of me With the tiny little legs of my tired darkened soul. I feel like crawling out of me through the sockets of my eyes and my tiny mouth hole and free my tired soul. I feel like tearing through my skin and burning through my bones I wanna burn … Read more


All I had were my truths, But they owned the nine o’clock news All I had were my words, But they held the sticks and the swords All I had were my eyes But they owned the petty pretty lies All every time I raised my lone voice, They drowned it out in the dark … Read more

Shadows and Darknesses

Growing up, I quickly learned to ignore the shadows of my cities Shadows that: lived under the overpasses ran by the railways begged in the traffics. I was taught to lever look the shadows in their eyes. “They prey on innocence,” I was told. “As soon as you look into the shadows they will creep … Read more


We live with our impurities Confined by them, defined by them And tell ourselves that we have been refined by them and make our peace with impurities and learn to make them a part of us: apart from us.   We live in our impurities Confined by them, defined by them smogs of dark and … Read more


Give ’em a tender lover’s kiss, a mother’s eyes, a father’s arm. Give ’em a sister’s parting words, a brother’s vow, a wet goodbye. Give ’em a radical slogan or a fighting song, a rebellion. Give ’em something strong to love, something to love they may die for. Otherwise, they will die off, they will … Read more

Happy Birthday.

A gloomy thought of death took over his birthday celebrations. He sunk in his bed, lonely and scared. He could feel his body in decay. He could feel death creeping in the silence. He could feel that he won’t feel anymore. Death scared him to death. His claustrophobic heart started pounding in his small single … Read more


Her wings have lost the youth they had Her beak is sharp-as-sword no more Her tears don’t heal no wounds no more Her need to be now is no more She’s old, she’s old, oh! the magical bird Her soul it burns: and it makes her mad She casts, she casts her last great spell Her wings afire the … Read more