Mourn for Me

When I die, my love
Cry for me, not for me.
When my body will be in decay
and the early forces would come together
To erase my signs
My memories upon the world when would start
to be gone.
cry for me, baby,
not for me.

Cry, for I will be no more
Cry, for I am gone forever.
Cry, for I won’t laugh, won’t write
Won’t smell, won’t kiss
Won’t stench, won’t sleep
Won’t even fear death no more, my dear
Cry, for I will be nevermore
For I will not be able to mourn for me, my love
Mourn for me.

Mourn that I am naught; not that I am not with you
Mourn that I am not nowhere no more
and more of me will nevermore be
Mourn that the story of me now ends,
not the chapter of me in yours, baby
Mourn for me,
Shed some tears
Shed the tears I left in your eyes, my dear.
For me.

Cry for me.

–Anupam D. Roy

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