On the 2020s

Yes. Nothing special has happened. The sun has gone around the earth or something else like that, and that happens all the time or something. And yes, wishing happy new year is meaningless. But what isn’t?

Who cares, man? ‘Tis the season of happiness. The turning of the page of the calendar, or buying a new one, is bringing people hope. Yes, it is manufactured, but is all hope not manufactured? Is all specialness and meaning and joy not synthetic?

What is really special? What can really inspire hope in a factual way? There is none. We are stardusts on a floating rock and we create meaningless meanings for ourselves to impose meaning onto our meaningless existence. Whatever you think is valuable is not valuable in an “objective” sense. There is no such thing as the “objective sense.”

So yes, I will be swayed by the trend of hope. I will take this opportunity to wish a loved one a happy new year. I will lament that I, again, don’t have someone to hold close in this hour, to gently caress their palm and tell them that I love them. And I will dream of finding someone to share the next new year with and will rejoice in the hopes of better days.

Because there is no bigger fallacy than to call hope a fallacy, and I will lie every time to wish someone happiness.

Therefore, to all who can hear me, I wish you a happy new year.

And a happy new decade!

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