Escribe: A Poem

Look! What a beautiful day it is outside.
Sunshine came and shamed the blossoms
then came rain to wash away his anger
then came the moon to put them all to sleep
then came the stars on the washed black sky.
And what did you do? my dear senorita?
What did you do senor?
You were just sitting, alone at a corner
spending your two cents
earning your two cents
missing all the beauty of the time
burning through the time,
of which you don’t have very much, O Senor
of which you must ode to, senorita.
Therefore, I implore, I beg you senor
I beg, senorita
escribe, escribe, escribe like hell
escribe until the sun comes up
escribe until the moon goes down
escribe until your pen runs out
escribe until your head doesn’t hurt
escribe until your soul is free
escribe until your time doesn’t burn
escribe until your time stands still
on the pages of memory, O senor
on the pages of history, senorita
Prescribe, postscribe, describe, I don’t care
squiggly squabbly scribble, dribble your pen
on the rugged white sheet, leave a mark
leave a mark until you can no more, senor
Escribe until you can no more senorita
oh the time burns, oh the sun falls, oh the moon rises
oh all your cents are turning to copper, lead and gold senorita
oh all your life is getting lost, oh senor,
quick! get a pen, quick! get a paper and then
escribe! escribe! escribe!
escribe! escribe! escribe!
escribe, senor; escribe, senorita
por favor mi amores, escribe.

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