Give hate a chance

We are recycling our archaic illiberalism. White supremacists parading down the street, far-leftists punching nationalists and Neo-nazis ramming their car through protests have given a new life to the age old doubts over toleration. People are asking, again, when should we stop tolerating the intolerant? Never. Unconditional toleration is not only the best way to … Read more

Do people really want a third party?

A political revolution is much more difficult than electing new officials. In the age of anti-establishment and populist politics, the hope of a third party has seen a resurgence across the globe. The palpable sentiment that the existing political parties are too elitist or corruption-ridden to represent the interests of the common people has prompted … Read more

Erosion of Due Process Rights Means the Erosion of Justice

Originally published in Dhaka Tribune. A string of due process violations have taken place in recent times. However, not many seem to be concerned about this problem, while some have also rejoiced the outcomes. The recent bout started with the government’s campaign against drugs, which has so far seen more than a hundred deaths, many … Read more

The war on drugs is a tool for class apartheid

Originally published in Dhaka Tribune. Bangladesh’s zero tolerance campaign against narcotics has stirred up a lot controversy around the abuse of power by the police, the RAB, and the government. Social media is buzzing with condemnation of alleged entrapments and killings of political and business rivals of the powerful. Writers and critics have also expressed … Read more

Suppressing the Fearsome Quota Movement

Originally published in Dhaka Tribune. Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) men have violently attacked peaceful participants of the quota reform movement over the past two days with the police’s assistance. Many leaders of the movement have been picked up and beaten on the streets, often in the presence of the media. But why is Bangladesh’s largest … Read more

Raising Our Leviathan or How an Authoritarian Regime Took Shape

Originally Published in Suddhashar. Killings without trial, stolen elections, a tamed judiciary, co-opted movements–our country is witnessing the rise of an all-powerful Authoritarian regime. How did we get here?   “Men look not at the greatness of the evil past, but the greatness of the good to follow.” -Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651)   More than fifty people … Read more

Debating State Minister Ranga on Minority Perscution @ATN News

Watch on Facebook: Transcript: <Responding to State Minister Masudur Rahman Ranga> I am going to keep it short. First of all, let me clarify that I didn’t mean that looting was the primary motive of the attacks.There are other dimensions to these attacks that need to be examined. It’s a mistake to resign these to … Read more