Your secularism is cold

There is a certain coldness that may descend with being human first. There is a certain coldness of non-communalism (অসাম্প্রদায়িকতা). Non-communalism, now used as a progressive term, seems to me as a capitalistic individualist idea. We need some communalism to save this society, I posit. Trying to sever humans from human groups, i.e communes, and … Read more

The case against childbirth

Without consent, anything is immoral; why should childbirth be an exception? The premise of this problem is pretty simple: during childbirth, a child is brought into the world without its prior consent. As such, childbirth is immoral. Why is consent so important? Because consent is the bedrock of morality in most cases. You kill someone … Read more

Aequalis: A tale of tellers

“The real world is much smaller than the imaginary” ― Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Chapter 1: Goya “So, you are having nightmares?” “Not really, no. I am just having dreams.” “They are not bad in particular?” “I mean, bad things happen. But they happen just as bad things happen in real life. That is the trouble, you … Read more

Escribe: A Poem

Look! What a beautiful day it is outside. Sunshine came and shamed the blossoms then came rain to wash away his anger then came the moon to put them all to sleep then came the stars on the washed black sky.   And what did you do? my dear senorita? What did you do senor? … Read more

Mourn for Me

When I die, my love Cry for me, not for me. When my body will be in decay and the early forces would come together To erase my signs My memories upon the world when would start to be gone. cry for me, baby, not for me. Cry, for I will be no more Cry, … Read more


Sometimes, I feel like crawling out of me With the tiny little legs of my tired darkened soul. I feel like crawling out of me through the sockets of my eyes and my tiny mouth hole and free my tired soul. I feel like tearing through my skin and burning through my bones I wanna burn … Read more


All I had were my truths, But they owned the nine o’clock news All I had were my words, But they held the sticks and the swords All I had were my eyes But they owned the petty pretty lies All every time I raised my lone voice, They drowned it out in the dark … Read more