Anupam Debashis Roy is a

Bangladeshi columnist, author and activist.

He is currently an editor of Muktiforum, a platform for writers, artists and activists dedicated to building a liberal, pluralist and pro-people society. He is also the president of nonprofit organization Let Expression be Free (LEBF). He is most known for his columns, videos and political activism against authoritarianism in Bangladesh and abroad. He is currently working as an editorial assistant at The Daily Star. He is also a regular contributor to Himal Southasian.

Anupam is also the author of storybook Sontan (The Offspring), Opraproboyoskota (Non-adulthood), a book of poems, School Maane Addakhana (School means Leisure–Nonfiction), Not All Springs End Winter (Nonfiction), Smriti Ebong Somadhi (Memories and the Grave–Storybook), and Abbaya (The Unvanquished–Novel). Aside from being an author and activist, Anupam is also known for his satirical political videos published on YouTube and Facebook.

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First published on September 17, 2018.DOI: 38 issue: 3_suppl, ...
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