Anupam has been active in the political landscape of Bangladesh since 2016, when his first explainer on the Rampal coal-fired power plant caught the public eye. He has since worked on issues related to the environment regularly. He has also spoken out about neocolonialism of India over Bangladesh, racism, rape culture, culture of indemnity, minority persecution, genocide in Rakhine, refugee rights, labor rights and other concerns.

Anupam started on-the-ground activism in 2018 during his stay at Columbia University where he gave a speech at a protest rally against the Rohingya genocide at a public rally in front of the United Nations HQ. He got more heavily involved in Bangladeshi activism after returning to Bangladesh after finishing his undergraduate degree in mid-2019. He spoke at public rallies about the ruling party’s attack on regular students in the universities and the culture of dominance and oppression in the campuses, violation of labor rights of the migrant workers, corruption, price manipulation and price hike and various other issues. Not all of the speeches were taped. Here are some of that were.

I write, kill me too: Speech on the torture culture on campuses after the death of Abrar Fahad.

Why build embassies if they fail to protect migrant workers?–Speech at the Shaheed Minar

When will you see the pain of migrant workers?–Speech at Shahbag

Speech on Price Hike, Syndicates, Chandabaji and threats on Arman Hossain