Anupam Debashis Roy

Anupam Debashis Roy is a Bangladeshi writer, speaker and activist.

(Anupam in 2014)
Born: Anupam Debashis Roy, May 14, 1997
Occupation: Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Journalist, Researcher and Activist.
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Alma Mater: Howard University (BA)
Political Platform: Muktiforum.

He is a member of the alternative media and anti-authoritarian activism group Muktiforum. He is most known for his columns and political activism against authoritarianism in Bangladesh and abroad. He is also the author of storybook Sontan (The Offspring) and Opraproboyoskota (Non-adulthood), a book of poems.

Aside from being an author an activist, Roy is also known for his satirical political videos published on YouTube and Facebook. His web series Choromchitro (The Radical Report) has been widely acclaimed. He has also made an explainer series in collaboration with Dhaka Tribune titled The Breakdown.



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